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Okay, seriously, this is not funny. I just looked over Lamashtar’s Green Lantern Master Fic list (still being compiled). She found Donna Parker fic, but her two Jade stories are actually about Obsidian?

Where are all you Jade-fans who came out of the woodwork when she died to complain? Where are the resurrection stories and the alternate universe stories where Kyle died instead?

I mean, I’ve laid out my reasons for hating her on numerous forums and blogs, and no one’s been able to convince me not to, but honestly, there has to be someone out there who likes her enough to write a story that’s just about her that’s not actually about Alan, Kyle, or Todd. Don’t tell me she really is all green skin. Someone had to have liked her for her personality and not her character design or family relations, right?

A woman defined solely by her appearance and her relationships to men.

That is depressing.


Ideally everyone who reads this knows I do a weekly column at Blog@Newsarama called “Amateur Art Appreciation” where I (over/under)analyze a panel or a cover. I’ve picked on Green Lantern art four times so far.

Amateur Art Appreciation — My first one, where I used a panel from an O’Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow story that portrayed Black Canary and Mother Juno.

Silhouettes — Kyle and Hal during the Emerald Knights storyline, when Kyle was explaining what happened to Coast City to Hal.

Hal’s Attitude — A repost of a post I did on my regular blog about a panel from John Stewart’s origin story in Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87. This was the first time Hal saw John.

The Light that Never Shined — Last week’s, a panel from the Donna Parker story in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4.

I’ll try and link any pertinent ones that I do in a more timely manner from now on.

Because I’m apparently OUT OF MY MIND, I let Ragnell convince me to put a link to every single Green Lantern post ever seen at Pretty, Fizzy Paradise.

Okay, it might have been my idea.

Because I’m INSANE.

Seriously, it took FOREVER!

But here they are! Enjoy.

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Lake Desire of New Game Plus will be hosting the next issue on August 3rd.

The issue’s theme–or writing prompt–is the present through origins. This could be a reflection on how your feminism and geekiness came to intersect, a post that traces the the evolution of women in a particular genre, a revisitation of the old school canons, a look at fresh and new things that are starting a revolution of their own, a memoir of finding that first great book or game or comic that really clicked for you, or whatever you can imagine.

Submission deadlines are August 1, 2006 (although I’ll still consider late submissions if I have time). Please E-mail them to or use the web submission form.

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It’s a common strategy, when discussing women in Green Lantern, to mention that Kyle Rayner has had three girlfriends die — Alex DeWitt, Donna Troy, and Jenny Hayden (Jade). This argument is intended to capture all the misogyny in superhero comics in a single blow. It covers not just a civilian love interest thrown away for the development of a male character, but two fully powered and fully developed heroic female characters, both with a longer history than the featured male character. The number is important, it adds overkill. With three dead girlfriends, you can almost see the writer smirking as he finished the third one’s death-story. I suspect nearly everyone on the blogosphere has made a joke at Kyle’s expense about it, and I’ve heard more than one reader express disgust with Kyle’s character over this.

The argument is very sound, effective, and difficult to rebuke.

It’s also one-third incorrect.

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{July 27, 2006}   Ode to Green Lantern’s Butt

(Adapted by the Zamaron Contributors — with help from a certain columnist)


In tightest pants, as green as grass,
Small in size or large in mass,
Let those who would dare make a pass.
Beware the Power of the Perfect Ass.

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When I first read Warrior #42, “A Gender Bender in the Blender”, I didn’t really think anything of it. It was the standard silly macho boy-turns-into-girl story. It made me laugh but wasn’t particularly noticeable.

But then, while wandering the Blogosphere a few months back, I stumbled onto a review panning the issue. They called it stupid and sexist. Now the stupid part is debatably true, depending on your particular tolerance for silliness. But sexist?! That surprised me because I hadn’t actually thought it was.

What was this guy seeing, I asked myself, that I wasn’t?

So I read it again.

The thing that occurred to me on second reading was how few of the really sexist cliches of gender-shifted stories actually were used in this one.

(Caution: Spoilers)

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{July 26, 2006}   Fanfic Archive

We’ve gotten a start on the fanfic archive project!

A story of Freedom…

Evil’s Might is an Elseworld story set in old New York. It’s about Kyle Rayner, a gangmember by day, political cartoonist by night who ends up discovering something special about a dusty old Lantern and becoming a hero.

However, as much as Kyle might be the titular hero, Evil’s might isn’t really his story. The true story centers around another.

Her name is Carol Ferris.

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