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{July 22, 2006}   Meltzer on JLA

Newsarama asks five Green Lantern related questions about the upcoming JLA.

Brad Meltzer answers two Green Lantern related questions about the upcoming JLA.

Q: Why the hate’n on Guy Gardner in Wizard? Some still think of Guy as the idiot from the JLI, but read Crisis, Green Lantern, and GL Corps. Guy is a true leader and is one of the best Green Lanterns around. I understand wanting Hal or another, but why bust chops?

I thought my comment in Wizard was a compliment to Guy. Love him. That’s why he’s in zero.

Q: On the cover to Issue 1: Who is the Green Lantern in the back row to the right of Captain Marvel? Not Guy Gardner, the other one?

Nice try.

Q: Which Green Lantern do you enjoy writing more Hal, John, Guy, or Kyle?

Guy’s the most fun to write. Ask anyone.

Q: I read the little blurb in Wizard #178 about why Hal Jordan wouldn’t be in the JLA due to Batman’s feelings about him. Wasn’t this covered in the recent Green Lantern # 9 and some kind of burying-the-hatchet made? I could’ve sworn it was. I’m wondering if the statements in that issue were yours or the Wizard staffers?

The hatchet is buried–but forgiving isn’t forgetting.

Q: Would you ever consider having 2 Green Lanterns in the League at the same time?

I thought about that. Thought long and hard about it.


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