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{July 22, 2006}   Month Old Movie News!

This showed up on Newsarama awhile back. But I thought it’s worth a second look for this site, yeah?

Basically, actor Corey Reynolds has plans to obtain the rights to a Green Lantern movie. Who would he use as lead Lantern?

“Now Hal Jordan is the ultimate Green Lantern,” Reynolds admits, “but my favorite is John Stewart. I believe that it really is about time for a black, traditional, All-American hero and Stewart represents that.

“He’s gone through everything from being paralyzed to being healed, to being placed in charge of it all, to patrolling 2814. He’s gone through everything. But when you look at his back story as far as where he comes from., how he grew up, that he’s an architect by trade, I think it’s very interesting to think that someone like him was given the ability to just about anything they want with their mind. I also think it’s interesting that he has such a creative mind to begin with. I love the whole idea that the combination of will and determination being the link to his abilities. So I think he would be a really interesting character to bring to the screen, and I’m working hard to make it happen.”

I admit to being amused at how this would upset both sides of the Hal vs. Kyle war.

On a more serious note, Reynolds has some strong ideas about how he’d go about telling the story:

“Story-wise the direction I’m going is more true to the comic,” says Reynolds. “What I think is interesting about this way is normally a lot of heroes are just born that way or are born knowing they have a path to travel. John always felt there was a purpose to his life, he just didn’t know what capacity it would be in. Then, all of a sudden, he is handed this tremendous gift and not everyone is prepared for that.“I’d love for it to be a series. I think I would need about three films to tell the story that I’d want to. I’d like to use the first film to paint the picture of what he is as a man. I’d also challenge the viewer to what they would be like if they were given the same responsibility. How would they handle it? Hopefully that would be the bridge between all the versions of him.

“I think the interesting thing about bringing the big guy to the screen is finding the balance between those who see him the way Bruce Timm and Phil LaMarr made him, and the version in the comics,” says Reynolds. “If that isn’t enough, one also when doing a movie one also has to make him interesting to people who have never read the comics or seen the cartoon, especially as he doesn’t get as much hype as many other characters at DC. He’s not just what the younger kids have seen, this big brooding character from the cartoons.”

It seems like Reynolds has the most important attributes for a guy hoping to make a comic book movie.

1) He loves the character. John probably wouldn’t, I’ll admit, be my first choice for the movie lead, but Reynolds really seems to have a real passion and understanding of the character which means he’s probably going to work hard at bringing the character properly to the movie screen.


2) He’s keeping in mind the diferences in media. The toonverse John is different from the comics John. And fans will be familiar with different versions. One can extrapolate that he’s going to examine both portrayals and determine the qualities best suited to a two hour movie.

Now what I really want to know is how he’s planning on showing the Green Lantern powers. There was a time that I’d have said only an animated version could really do it. Though to my surprise the JLA pilot from the 1990s actually managed to make Lantern powers semi-workable. In this case, I’d like to know what Reynolds has in mind.

Honestly, I’d be very interested in seeing this come to pass. It’s leagues better than those Jack Black rumors (Not that I have anything against Mr. Black, of course, just doesn’t seem a good fit to me).

And on a shallow note, it doesn’t hurt that he is one very attractive man. I’d like to see how he measures up to the comic book counterparts.


Ragnell says:

I think a John movie would be a great idea. He has name recognition from the cartoon, and he really doesn’t have a lot of baggage to explain to a moviegoer (Kyle, sadly, works best with endless continuity behind him — hard for a movie).

Ideally, I’d like to see a buddy cop movie with Hal and John.

(And I can’t believe we made it four posts without linking to the butt post.)

Ragnell says:

I can’t see Guy making it to the Silver Screen and remaining Guy. Hollywood’s priorities are too messed up. He’d either be glorified for the wrong reasons, utterly villified, or just made into a joke.

SallyP says:

If they are going to make a movie, I want ALL of the lanterns in it,
including Salaak and Kilowog, Katma and Arisia and Ch’p etc. etc. Make
EVERYBODY happy! And Senator Leiberman of my home state of Connecticut
would be PERFECT for Ganthet. Snerk.

Ragnell says:

It totally has to be a Space Opera, with scenes done at Oa — Oa being played up like a Central Precinct. It has Buddy Cop/Sci-Fi movie written all over it!

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