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{July 22, 2006}   [Venting] Why the Hell–?

Green Lantern, as a franchise, doesn’t have the best reputation among female comic book fans. And its hard to bring up the issue of why with other GL fans without getting dismissed.

So, on one hand we get a fandom, subordinate of a much larger fandom (comics) that doesn’t want to improve, and on the other hand we have sympathetic members of a group in the larger fandom that doesn’t seem at all interested in Green Lantern or why we love certain writers, characters, or keep buying those books. I’ve been compelled to stop several discussions to explain that “No, the Zamarons were Not Evil when they started out and aren’t now”, “Yes, Carol Ferris was a damned progressive character”, “Yes, there have been Female Green Lanterns”, “Alex DeWitt did actually get to fight back, dammit”, “Kyle Rayner’s girlfriends have not all been sacrificed for his angst — Donna died long after the breakup in a storyline that had nothing to do with Kyle”…etc..

And I can’t find a site dedicated to the wonderful Female Green Lanterns we know (that are mostly forgotten about) and analyzing the positives and negatives of their storylines.

And well, there’s at least three of us, probably more, who’ve had this problem. While I don’t own a domain (and am reluctant to ask for one without a good setup of what’ll be going up there), I can at least set up a group blog for Female GL fans when we want to discuss our favorite characters, their butts, writing the sorts of stories we wish we could see in GL, plans for a future fansite — — rave about really great stories, rant about the bad ones, and vent over what happens in other fansites — GL and Feminist sites — when we try to bring up our concerns.


papervolcano says:

I get so damn conflicted at the Green Lantern franchise as a whole. I love the characters and the concept. I know they’ve had some truly great female characters that were often ahead of their times, and the Corps itself is inherently equal. I’m really enjoying GLC. But when I’m asked for examples of atrocious treatment of female characters, it’s always Green Lantern that springs to mind first. It’s the lousy deaths. It’s a female Guardian dressed in a way that’d make Starfire blush. The franchise has had the best and the worst of it.

I’m an absolutely atrocious blogger. But I’m not bad at setting up and running websites, if you ever want a hand with the fansite.

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