Zamaron — A Green Lantern Femme-Site

{July 27, 2006}   Ode to Green Lantern’s Butt

(Adapted by the Zamaron Contributors — with help from a certain columnist)


In tightest pants, as green as grass,
Small in size or large in mass,
Let those who would dare make a pass.
Beware the Power of the Perfect Ass.


SallyP says:

Well, just spit out my tea. *snicker*

When I started reading JLA v1 I had big plans to post all the shots of Hal’s ass I found (this is all Ragnell’s fault, btw). Within the space of something like one comics I realized this would be impossible because my bandwidth could not possibly sustain it. EVERYONE ELSE will be facing forward, but not Hal! Hal always puts his best assets forward. (Zing! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

Sometimes I think we should make a database of GL asses…

SallyP says:

Green Lantern butt shots could be a whole new category for this website!
I know I’d look. A lot.

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