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{July 29, 2006}   Pretty Fizzy Paradise, Special Lantern Collection:

Because I’m apparently OUT OF MY MIND, I let Ragnell convince me to put a link to every single Green Lantern post ever seen at Pretty, Fizzy Paradise.

Okay, it might have been my idea.

Because I’m INSANE.

Seriously, it took FOREVER!

But here they are! Enjoy.

Women in Refrigerators:

Women in Refrigerators (12-13-05)

Clarification Re: Misogyny (12-13-05)

Character or Plot Opinions/Analysis:

Favorite Character Lists –Kyle and Guy (12-14-05)

More Character Babble — Jade (12-14-05)

A Favorite Scene: GL v3, #64 — Kyle, some Hal (12-16-05)

A Sex-skewed Look at GL Relationships — Kyle, Jade (12-18-05)

Regarding Green and Yellow — Kyle, some Hal (12-23-05)

Yet Another Reason I Don’t Like Jade (12-24-05)

Egads! — Review of Sleepers 3, Kyle, some Hal (12-26-05)

Another Thought: Kyle’s Dad (12-29-05)

On Guy Gardner (12-30-05)

Hero Crossovers in Solo Comics — Kyle, Hero Quest related (1-12-06)

A Perfect Couple (Seriously) — Guy (1-12-06)

Reason #472 to like Kyle Rayner (1-14-06)

Continuity, Retcons and BS-Explanations — some Kyle, Parallax (1-15-06)

A Sudden Insight: Black Circle and Zero Hour — Kyle and Ollie (1-22-06)

It’s All Relative, the Bitch as Literary Decoy — Jade (2-2-06)

A Celebration of Guy Gardner Through Scans (2-12-06)

A Favorite Scene: Identity Crisis #1 –features Guy and Ice (2-15-06)

Reactions to Green Lantern #9 — Hal (2-23-06)

For the Love of Lanterns — Kyle, Hal (3-3-06)

Some Panels That Disturbed Me — Guy (3-9-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #14 — Guy (3-10-06)

On John Stewart…My Perspective — John (3-13-06)

Musings on Heroic Deaths — Katma, Ice, some Guy (3-17-06)

Even Polite Guy hates Batman — Guy (3-19-06)

Kari Limbo is a Manipulative Bitch — Kari, some Hal, Guy (3-21-06)

Sinestro is Everyone’s Daddy — Sinestro, Hal, Guy, Kyle (3-26-06)

What Works and What Doesn’t, v. 1 — Jade (3-27-06)

Rebirth: The One Thing I Hated — Warriors, Guy (4-10-06)

Sibling Rivalry and Harbingers of Doom: Musings on Hal and Guy in Green Lantern (4-11-06)

A Favorite Set of Panels, from GL v3 13 — Guy, Hal (4-21-06)

An Exercise in Egotism 2: What to do with Jade (4-27-06)

So what’s up with the Guy Gardner obsession anyway? (4-28-06)

Random Reaction to A Certain OYL matter — Alan (4-30-06)

How I think Gray Hair Killed Hal Jordan — Hal, some Guy (5-1-06)

An Exercise in Egotism 2.1: Continuing Ideas for Jade (5-3-06)

So How the Hell Did *I* Become A Jade-Defender?! (5-7-06)

Exercise in Egotism 3: John Stewart (5-8-06)

Beau Smith Writes Good Women — Women of Warrior, some Guy (5-14-06)

A Most Disgusting Panel — Dementor (5-17-06)

Sibling Rivalry Revisited: Reaction to Green Lantern 11 — Hal, Guy (5-25-06)

Growing Up Gardner: Analyzing Beau Smith’s Warrior — Guy (6-17-06)

Random Ramblings: Flaws and Past Perspectives — some Kyle, some Alan (7-16-06)

My Confession: I Love the Space Bug –Hal, some Guy (7-23-06)

Random Silliness:

A Favorite Scene: Zero Hour #3 — Guy, Kyle (12-19-05)

Wow! Now That Is Advertisement! –Maura Rayner (12-20-05)

Random Ridiculous Realization #4 –Kyle (12-22-05)

Happy Holidays! Christmas Card –Kyle (12-25-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #5 — Hal, Kyle (12-27-05)

A Quote of the Week –Kyle (12-29-05)

Something Light and Fluffy — Kyle(1-5-06)

Scariest thing EVER –Mogo (1-7-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #9 — Mogo (1-9-06)

Ion Costume — Kyle (1-15-06)

A Fashion Fueled Interlude — Kyle (1-17-06)

Lazy Shameless Self-Promotion –link within outdated– –Kyle (1-19-06)

Yes, Guy *is* the man! — Guy (1-24-06)

I’m not proud of this — Mogo (1-25-06)

I love Ragnell THIS Much — Mogo (1-26-06)

Always Remember — Kilowog, Soranik, Guy (1-28-06)

Random Facts — Mogo (1-31-06)

At least he’s pretty… — Kyle (2-2-06)

Always Remember (Version 2.0) — Guy (2-6-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #10 — Kyle (2-13-06)

A Happy Valentine — Kyle(2-14-06)

Random Thoughts — Kyle, Hal, Guy (2-22-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #13 — All Earth Lanterns, Guy (3-2-06)

Kyle Rayner, Carol Ferris, Identical Cousins? — Kyle, Carol (3-3-06)

Ollie you Dog! (Green Arrow 25) –Kyle (3-4-06)

I’m No Doctor But… — Hal, Guy (3-8-06)

Hal Jordan *still* fails at First Aid — Hal, Guy (3-13-06)

Beau Smith and I have the Same Sense of Humor — Guy (3-13-06)

A Moment of Shock for Me — Guy (3-17-06)

Reason #46 to Love Guy Gardner

Random Thoughts about Recent Comics — Hal, Kyle, Guy (4-19-06)

A Field of Dreams — ALL (4-22-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization #-whatever — Guy (4-25-06)

Best Panel *EVER* — Guy (5-4-06)

Random Ridiculous Realization: Who the Heck Knows? –All Earth Lanterns (5-8-06)

200th Post Silliness — Guy (5-9-06)

Immediate Reaction to 52 — Guy (5-11-06)

Yet Another Reason I Love Beau Smith — Kari Limbo (5-15-06)

In Lieu of a Post with Actual Content — Mogo (5-16-06)

Another Silly Analogy — All Earth Lanterns (5-21-06)

Elsewhere, the War rages On — Guy (5-23-06)

This made me laugh — Guy (5-24-06)

Lesson in Philosophy — Kyle (6-15-06)

Hal Jordan is a Bit of a Doofus — Hal (7-4-06)

Random Love — Kyle (7-5-06)

Jade and What Army (7-15-06)

(Then) Future Musings:

My Hopes For OYL (12-16-05)

I am Pleased! Interview with Dan Didio! (12-22-05)

You Had to Know I’d Blog About This… (6-9-06)

Giving the Green Light to Green Lantern (6-17-06)

Snippet Reactions/Tangential References

I Have Comics! (12-22-05)

Women’s Issues, Recommendations and Me (1-6-06)

Secret Identities: My Thoughts (1-2-06)

A Coloring Error? (2-3-06)

Okay, It’s Bad, But I’d Have Watched (3-1-06)

Some non-spoilery comic reactions/musings (3-16-06)

My First Comic Experience (4-13-06)

So What Do I Mean By That? (4-17-06)

A Strange Thought: Accents (4-20-06)

My 50 Best DC Characters (5-23-06)

Reactions to JSA 87 (very minor spoilers) (7-7-06)

And now…I collapse!


Ragnell says:


I don’t think I can do mine in one lump sum, maybe a few installements.

The early ones, especially, I’d want to quote and comment on.

kalinara says:

Heh, I may revisit mine later. Just now. No. Too much. Egads.


Good luck!

Lamashtar says:

Oh cool! Something to peruse IN MY COPIOUS FREE TIME.



SallyP says:

All wrapped up in a NEAT LITTLE PACKAGE! Bwahahahha! Seriously, I
just had a delightful afternoon reading all the entries. Gosh, Green
Lanterns are just so much fun.

kalinara says:

Lamashtar: Hee.

SallyP: I’m glad you liked it! They are such fun, aren’t they?

This is the Pretty Fizzy Paradise, Green Lantern Trade Paperback really. 🙂

SallyP says:

Speaking of Green Lantern delight, Kalinara, you MUST go over to Seven
Hells! this week, for the Hitman/Kyle Rayner ADULT analysis. It is just
to die for. If you haven’t read these issues of Hitman, you should, it
was a twisted but very very funny book, and considering what he did to
Batman, Garth Ennis was quite gentle with Kyle. Teehee.

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