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{July 31, 2006}   Amateur Art Appreciation: Lanterns

Ideally everyone who reads this knows I do a weekly column at Blog@Newsarama called “Amateur Art Appreciation” where I (over/under)analyze a panel or a cover. I’ve picked on Green Lantern art four times so far.

Amateur Art Appreciation — My first one, where I used a panel from an O’Neil/Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow story that portrayed Black Canary and Mother Juno.

Silhouettes — Kyle and Hal during the Emerald Knights storyline, when Kyle was explaining what happened to Coast City to Hal.

Hal’s Attitude — A repost of a post I did on my regular blog about a panel from John Stewart’s origin story in Green Lantern/Green Arrow #87. This was the first time Hal saw John.

The Light that Never Shined — Last week’s, a panel from the Donna Parker story in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4.

I’ll try and link any pertinent ones that I do in a more timely manner from now on.


Lamashtar says:

‘The Light that Never Shined’ link is going to the ‘Hal’s attitude’ page.

SallyP says:

How about one where Guy isn’t sneering and actually looks…nice? Might
be a bit hard to find.

Ragnell says:

Sally — I think Kali has one of those.

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