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It seemed appropriate after Soyo’s essay below that I finally get off my ass and type this now.When I was younger, I used to be a big anime fan, and my friends and I would joke how whenever there was a team of four main male characters, they could always be classified thusly: The brooding one. The Playboy. The Kid. The Woman.

It was pretty infailable. No matter the series, it’d work out this way:

The brooding one was always intelligent and serious, the playboy was always charming and a hit with the ladies, but rarely if ever tied down. The kid was the young, cute, inexperienced one of the group. And then there was the character that tended to be kind, emotional, nurturing, forgiving…basically, he was characterized as a woman.

The connection to the Green Lanterns becomes obvious. John, Hal, Kyle…and finally Guy.

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As solicited by DC Comics: “The greatest adventures of the Emerald Gladiator, collected in one volume! Thrill to the exploits of several Green Lanterns in stories from GREEN LANTERN (’40s) #1; ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #89; GREEN LANTERN (’60s-70s) #1, 9, 87, 172; SUPERMAN #257, TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #3, GREEN LANTERN (’90s) #3, 0; GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC #5; GREEN LANTERN GALLERY and GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2005.

What was in the actual trade?
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{August 30, 2006}   A Warped Feminist Statement

Lately, there’s been a rise in both comics feminism and in the popularity of Guy Gardner. Or, perhaps, a rise in the visibility of both. They’ve probably been there all along, and this is the first time people are taking note.

So, I ask myself. Are the two connected?

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Every once in a while I’ll see an icon or meme putting classically sexist dialogue (such as “The fair sex belongs in the kitchen!”) into Hal Jordan’s mouth.  While I know these are merely a joke on the misogyny typically associated with the comics industry in general and the Green Lantern franchise in particular, the part of me without a sense of humor always goes a little bit cross-eyed.  My response, as always, is to get just a tad overanalytical.

See, as far as my understanding of Hal goes, he seems to be rather indifferent to those members of the fair sex who are spending their time in the kitchen.  The majority of Hal’s love interests break the mould as far as traditional gender roles.  Carol Ferris and Olivia Reynolds are the kind of driven career women that Forbes Magazine (everyone’s favorite feminist-rage inducer!) would disapprove of, Rose Hardin ran a farm on her own after the death of her husband, Dorine Clay is a rebellion leader in spaaaace!, and Arisia proved resilient enough to be a very good superhero from a young age.  Also, Hal apparently had a brief flirtation with Power Girl during his JLE years, which I haven’t read so I can’t really comment on, but it’s worth saying that no one says “woman kicking ass and taking names” quite in the same way that Peej does.

Of the women in Hal’s life who tend to fall into more traditionally feminine roles, Eve Doremus can be pretty fairly considered a case of rebound, and Iona Vane falls into the time-honored comics tradition of love-under-mind-control.  Kari Limbo, like Eve, can also be considered a case of rebound, though I would put her more into the category of a highly gendered Other than “traditionally feminine.”  Nevertheless, her category is probably closer to Eve and Iona’s.

So, as hard as it is for me to picture Hal saying “strong women are hawt!” in the manner of your average comic-babe loving fanboy, I do think he’s got a sort of natural inclination towards that particular “strong women” type.  Then comes the question I’ve always found difficult to answer– is Hal threatened by strong women, as well?

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{August 22, 2006}   This Week and November

November Solicits are up! All 3 books are solicited! I updated the Upcoming Comics page.

And for those of you who don’t check my regular blog, the JLA#1 cover has apparently been leaked.

In addition to that, there’s a Greatest Green Lantern Stories Ever Told collection coming out this Wednesday.

It includes —
From the Golden Age: Green Lantern (Vol I) #1; All-American Comics #89
From the Silver Age: Green Lantern (Vol II) #1, 9
From the Bronze Age: Green Lantern (Vol II) 87, 172; Superman #257, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3
And from the Modern Age: Green Lantern (Vol III) #3, 0; Green Lantern: Mosaic #5; Green Lantern Gallery and Green Lantern Secret Files 2005.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the current status of the Green Lantern franchise with regards to female characters/feminism is taking a bit of an upswing!

(Spoilers for GL 12 and GL:C 3 follow)

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{August 14, 2006}   Wizardworld Chicago Rundown

I was pretty good about news when San Diego Comicon was happening, but because I went to Chicago and was a little exhausted when I returned, I slacked off for a little. I did some reporting earlier on this site, but that was a personal anecdote and I wanted to get all of the info into one place. I didn’t take notes at the second panel, so here’s some quotes off of the three pertinent Newsarama articles. CBR didn’t have anything to add about Green Lantern.

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{August 13, 2006}   Social Occasion by Diane Duane

Back in January, when the Green Lantern drawing meme was running around, Diane Duane posted a script for an Arisia story she wrote a little after Arisia first appeared. It came up again during Lamashtar’s searches, and I finally got to read it.

I was hooked on the second page, by the background dialogue.

GL 1: I love your new skin color! Where did you get it?

GL 2: — so I follow the distress call,, and what do I find but
this planet entirely inhabited by little balls of fur —

GL 3: Personally, he’s not my type. I mean, he only has two

It gets better, the second and third pages are a party scene peppered with a bunch of Lanterns talking.

KATMA TUI (in b.g., to another GL standing beside her): So did
you ever find that planet you lost?

I love weirdness. That’s what really makes the Green Lantern Corps concept. That’s why I like the Silver Age better than the Golden Age. The Weirdness.

The rest of the story is Arisia interacting with another Lantern named Cario, who’s a sentient mathematical construct. This is essential to the plot. So, what we have here is a story that not only has the wonderfully imaginative throwaway concepts and jokes that enhance a space story, but it’s a true science fiction story. The plot is based on a particularly weird scientific principle. The emotional tale told would work in different circumstances, yes, but the weirdness is what makes the plot here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love retcons and continuity stories. It’s fun to see Hal have to go back and deal with all his built-up Karma (it doesn’t hurt that we got a Giant Yellow Space-grasshopper with mind control abilities when he first started, but things have normalized a bit). And I’m really enjoying both the CSI-style GLC and the mystery in Ion, but it always comes back to this wish for me. It’s why I like Alan Moore’s GL stories, it’s why I like Grant Morrison’s JLA, it’s why I adored Mosaic. I want to see these characters deal with the abnormal. I want to leave Earth for a story. I want them up to their hairlines in strangeness. I want new, wild, crazy ideas! I want Wall To Wall Weird!

After all, it’s comic books. If we don’t get to play with unreality, what’s the point?

Anyway, it’s a fun story. Check it out.

{August 13, 2006}   Scans of JLA: Another Nail

The Spandex Fetish Expert has posted some scans of Barda and Scott as a Green Lantern (seriously, she’s the Lantern and he’s like a sentient ring AI) in her livejournal. They might be of interest to the sort of fans who are interested in this blog.

Makes me cross my fingers that Raker will get assigned a partner in the Fourth World…

(Oh, and of little relation to the previous link but still of interest to GL Fans — The Tom’s Casebook Meme courtesy Mike Sterling)

{August 10, 2006}   Ion#5 Preview

First 5 pages of Ion #5 are up. There’s a guest artist, but just for the first four pages. (Via)

et cetera