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{August 10, 2006}   A WizardWorld Adventure

I’ve procrastinated for nearly a week, but I was resting from the trip. Chicago’s a longer drive from Oklahoma than it looks. But I was there. Kalinara and I were at both DC Panels at WizardWorld last weekend. I was able to ask a Green Lantern question at each. Geoff Johns was there to answer.

My first one was clumsy, because I wanted to know about all three characters but would have settled for a vague idea that one of them would show. It wasn’t reported by Newsarama, but I think CBR got it. Sorry, Soyo, I know you wanted a Carol question but I thought this would be my last chance and I figured he’s say “No” in either case for Carol. I hedged my bets and merged to get “Are we going to see the Zamarons, Carol Ferris, or Star Sapphire soon?” Answered with a yes. Couldn’t get a clarification. Still, it was a ridiculously fun panel to attend. I say ridiculous because of the audience members who voted that Dick Grayson was a “bigger stud” than Hal Jordan when the question came up. I say fun because it was fun the entire time.

At the second panel, I saw Jim Starlin and Geoff Johns in one place so I got in line to ask about Cosmic Odyssey. There was a line of people approaching a microphone to speak, so I had time to think about my question while I stood there. I almost asked a question about feminism, but I was preceeded by an Identity Crisis complaint and a question on labeling, and my issues are much more complex than those. I didn’t want to get a defensive answer on the tail of them, plus I wanted to know about Green Lantern. I’m actually very glad I decided that, because the answer I got from this next question was too perfect. It was so perfect that it was already reported on Newsarama, and Kalinara mentioned it also. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

By the time they’d finished dancing around the issue of labels for the guy right in front of me, I’d made up my mind to ask about Katma Tui. Only I disguised the question so it seemed to be about John. Ended up with “Just a simple John Stewart fan question — he’s had a lot of specials like Cosmic Odyssey and Mosaic that haven’t been referenced in a few years. Do they still count in the new continuity?”

Johns nodded and said yes. I was very surprised by this.

“The end of Mosaic is still in continuity?”

He answered yes again, not seeming to see why I didn’t believe him. At this point a terrible thought struck me. Maybe he didn’t remember the ending of Mosaic. I almost asked specifically about it, but stopped myself. Suppose he changed his mind once he knew?

I felt like I’d stolen a pair of really expensive shoes and had to get out of the store before the clerk noticed. I immediately started for my seat, then nervously stepped back to the microphone and gave him a Thank you! Then I resumed sneaking to my seat.

This had to have been fun to watch, since we had front-row seats and I was attempting to be invisible, walking down the center aisle with a thief’s posture. Dan Didio watched from his podium, where even leaning forward he towered over writer and fan alike. I was directly in front of him, and had to move closer to get to my seat.

“Can I just ask one question?” he said, scaring the living daylights (not to mention the recently passed on nightlights) out of me. I suspect I may have paled, but I smiled and nodded quickly. I think.

“What happens When Fangirls Attack?” He asked.

I blinked, then realized what he meant. My shirt! I had the When Fangirls Attack shirt on! He’d asked the same thing yesterday, and Kalinara had had a nice pithy response (“Wouldn’t you like to know?”) I was relieved, and drew a blank. Kalinara was sitting in the front row, I was all alone on the spot! I badly wanted to say “Your writers get tricked into resurrecting awesome female characters” but didn’t. I just smiled, looked down demurely and continued to my seat. I was aware of some vague joking between the panel and the audience while I did.

I think it was very nice of him to give me a second chance to advertise the website again, but I was too nervous and happy to take it. After the panel, we approached the Green Lantern writer. I asked if he’d read Mosaic‘s ending. He nodded.

“Oh, then you know Katma Tui was resurrected at the end?”

The look on his face was beautiful. Just beautiful. I swear, you could just see the light bulb fire up above his head. That look was worth the drive.

Just asking that question was totally worth the drive.


I know quite a few Katma fans who would be happier to see her show up in the hive along with Arissa. They COULD easily have her show up later on and say she was among all the lanterns we saw in the background but didn’t see up-close.

And if nothing else, it would be a good way to get John into the book more often…

Ragnell says:

Starman — My fingers were crossed for that one, but someone of Kat’s status would be shown I figure.

This way, we hopefully get a John story too.

Thomas says:

I’ve never read the Mosaic series.

Now, I must. Thank you.

[…] I was pretty good about news when San Diego Comicon was happening, but because I went to Chicago and was a little exhausted when I returned, I slacked off for a little. I did some reporting earlier on this site, but that was a personal anecdote and I wanted to get all of the info into one place. I didn’t take notes at the second panel, so here’s some quotes off of the three pertinent Newsarama articles. CBR didn’t have anything to add about Green Lantern. […]

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