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{August 13, 2006}   Social Occasion by Diane Duane

Back in January, when the Green Lantern drawing meme was running around, Diane Duane posted a script for an Arisia story she wrote a little after Arisia first appeared. It came up again during Lamashtar’s searches, and I finally got to read it.

I was hooked on the second page, by the background dialogue.

GL 1: I love your new skin color! Where did you get it?

GL 2: — so I follow the distress call,, and what do I find but
this planet entirely inhabited by little balls of fur —

GL 3: Personally, he’s not my type. I mean, he only has two

It gets better, the second and third pages are a party scene peppered with a bunch of Lanterns talking.

KATMA TUI (in b.g., to another GL standing beside her): So did
you ever find that planet you lost?

I love weirdness. That’s what really makes the Green Lantern Corps concept. That’s why I like the Silver Age better than the Golden Age. The Weirdness.

The rest of the story is Arisia interacting with another Lantern named Cario, who’s a sentient mathematical construct. This is essential to the plot. So, what we have here is a story that not only has the wonderfully imaginative throwaway concepts and jokes that enhance a space story, but it’s a true science fiction story. The plot is based on a particularly weird scientific principle. The emotional tale told would work in different circumstances, yes, but the weirdness is what makes the plot here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love retcons and continuity stories. It’s fun to see Hal have to go back and deal with all his built-up Karma (it doesn’t hurt that we got a Giant Yellow Space-grasshopper with mind control abilities when he first started, but things have normalized a bit). And I’m really enjoying both the CSI-style GLC and the mystery in Ion, but it always comes back to this wish for me. It’s why I like Alan Moore’s GL stories, it’s why I like Grant Morrison’s JLA, it’s why I adored Mosaic. I want to see these characters deal with the abnormal. I want to leave Earth for a story. I want them up to their hairlines in strangeness. I want new, wild, crazy ideas! I want Wall To Wall Weird!

After all, it’s comic books. If we don’t get to play with unreality, what’s the point?

Anyway, it’s a fun story. Check it out.


Ununnilium says:

Weirdness! Yes! Which is why SA Green Lantern and Flash were better than SA Superman and Batman – they were just plain *stranger*.

Also, that story’s awesome. Dangit.

Thanks! (But why “dangit”?)

Ununnilium says:

Well, because it didn’t get in the comic. …did it? *might be confused*

SallyP says:

Thank you for the treat, this was excellent. I had the good fortune to
buy and read Diane Duane’s X-men book in hardcover and really enjoyed
it. For some strange reason, the line where Wolverine is cranky because
the space helmets make his hair flat, just struck me as being awfully
funny. Good Stuff!

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