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{August 14, 2006}   Wizardworld Chicago Rundown

I was pretty good about news when San Diego Comicon was happening, but because I went to Chicago and was a little exhausted when I returned, I slacked off for a little. I did some reporting earlier on this site, but that was a personal anecdote and I wanted to get all of the info into one place. I didn’t take notes at the second panel, so here’s some quotes off of the three pertinent Newsarama articles. CBR didn’t have anything to add about Green Lantern.

From the DC Nation panel:

Any chance of seeing more Tangent characters, given that the Tangent version of the Green Lantern landed on earth in Crisis? No.

Sinestro Corps? Johns: Going to kick the GL Corps ass pretty soon.

Alan Scott lose the eye patch? Jones: Eye patches are hot.

Plans for Kyle after Ion? Giffen: He’ll get a good costume.

G’nort? Johns: Howard Chaykin is bringing him back in the Guy Gardner miniseries.

Asked if there will be more African American characters spotlighted in DC titles, Johns said that the fan will be really happy when they see the lineup of the Justice League, and pointed out that Mr. Terrific leads the JSA, and that Cyborg is in Teen Titans every month.

Further explaining the position, Didio said that DC has very strong team books right now, and the goal with them is to let the characrers take root and grow, so they can see which ones develop followings and can be spun out on their own. “My job is to build equity in these characters,” Didio said, noting that, currently, Mr. Terrific could support a miniseries, Cyborg deserves one, and Morrison produced two as part of Seven Soldiers, Mr. Miracle and Manhattan Guardian. “We’re trying to do this right,” Didio said in regards to their approach in creating new minority characters, “Not haphazardly.”

I placed the diversity quote last because that man asked specifically about John Stewart in the new JLA lineup, and how he’d heard brad Meltzer quoted as saying he doesn’t “see any reason to have John Stewart when he has Hal Jordan.”

Newsarama didn’t report my own question about Carol Ferris, Star Sapphire, and the Zamarons, Geoff Johns said we’d see an appearance soon (Remember, though, that this is a writer who plans out storylines two years in advance, soon for him is a relative term) or that Didio put the question of who was the “bigger stud” to the audience: Hal Jordan or Dick Grayson. (As an aside, I propose that the Green Lantern Fandom start feuding with the Batfandom over this one.)

At the DC Universe panel, we saw a number of other interesting questions and answers:

When one fan remarked that Alan Scott was looking like Nick Fury, Johns joked that, “Alan Scott’s going to fight Nick Fury in Justice Society of American #2.”

When the panel was asked what they were most interested in working on in the DC Universe that they haven’t worked on before, Jim Starlin indicated he has a new project coming from DC that hasn’t been announced that would answer that question. “I’d like to work on the next project that I’m going to work on that I can’t talk about. And I think I’d like to do Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.”

Levitz: “I’m with Jim on Green Lantern.”

Daniel: “I think it’s an even tie between Superman and Batman.”

Johns: Suicide Squad.

Giffen: “Doom Patrol.”

Wayne: “Probably the Time Masters sequel.”

Adam Kubert: “Metal Men.”

Andy Kubert: “There’s actually two. Challengers of the Unknown and Green Lantern.”

Are the John Stewart stories “Cosmic Odyssey” and “Mosaic” still in continuity? Johns: “Yes.”

Will there be more All-Star books like All-Star Green Lantern? Didio: “Yes,” and then he joked, “we announced All-Star Ma Hunkel yesterday.”

Where is Arsenal? Johns: “He’s going to be in Green Lantern.” Didio: “He has a big role in the DCU. You’ll see him soon.”

Where’s John Stewart one year later? Johns: He has a “pretty major role” in upcoming issues of Green Lantern.

And Geoff Johns was interviewed by Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers while he was there. Here’s the Green Lantern portion:

NRAMA: OK. Moving on to Green Lantern, there are a lot of things being set up that look pretty bad for Hal Jordan. Angry Global Guardians, blood-thirsty bounty hunters…

GJ: Yes! Lots of bounty hunters.

NRAMA: Are we going to find out who hired them?

GJ: Yeah, we’ll find out in Issue #14 who put that price on Hal’s head. We’ll find out why the Global Guardians are after him. We’ll find out what happened to him when he was a prisoner of war.

NRAMA: All that in Issue #14?

GJ: Yeah. The next storyline is him dealing with what happened to him and his friends when he was a POW.

NRAMA: But in the last issue, he found someone right at the end that was kind of a shocker because we thought, and more importantly Hal thought, she was dead.

GJ: He found Arisia, who is like, his former girlfriend. In the next issue, they’re reunited. And we’ll actually learn a pretty major secret the Guardians are holding.

NRAMA: The Guardians? Did the Guardians know Arisia was alive and being held captive there?

GJ: The Guardians know a lot of things they’re not telling the Green Lanterns.

NRAMA: Ouch.

GJ: The Guardians also have a very specific reason they let Hal back on the Corps. And it’s not the best of reasons. And the ending has a pretty big twist that ties into the entire DC Universe.

NRAMA: The ending of this current storyline?

GJ: Yeah, Issue #13.

NRAMA: And you said in the DC Nation panel this weekend that we’ll see more people getting yellow rings and yellow batteries?

GJ: Yes! The Sinestro Corps is coming soon. And you know how they used to do the “Tales of the Green Lantern” one-shots? We’ve been talking about doing a “Tales of the Sinestro Corps” one-shot. So we’d have little eight-page stories about members of the Sinestro Corps and how they got their rings, what they do, their M.O.s, stuff like that. I think that would be cool.

NRAMA: That does sound pretty fun. Can you tell us any members of the Sinestro Corps that people might recognize?

GJ: I really can’t.

NRAMA: Well, we saw one.

GJ: This big guy called Arkillo in Issue #10. He’s a new character who’s like the drill sergeant of the Sinestro Corps.

NRAMA: But you can’t tell us anyone else?

GJ: Hmmm. Sinestro’s on it. [laughs]

NRAMA: Ha ha. Thanks a lot.

GJ: Oh! And, the Sinestro Corps has its own Oa-type planet, has its own Guardians, has its own oath.

NRAMA: A Sinestro Corps oath? What’s the oath?

GJ: I can’t tell. You have to read the comic for something! [laughs]

NRAMA: Awww. Just the first line?

GJ: First line? OK. In blackest day…

NRAMA: Ooooh!!!

GJ: [laughs]


Ununnilium says:

…I dunno. Are the unnecessary New Gods retcons of Cosmic Odyssey still in continuity?

Ragnell says:

All New Gods questions were referred to Morrison, I believe, and he wasn’t there.

Ununnilium says:

Ahhhhhh. That bodes well, IMHO, because he at least mentioned the Old Gods and the Anti-Life Equation in JLA in a way that seemed like he wasn’t following Cosmic Odyssey’s take.

Plus, c’mon, it’s Morrison. If he can’t do something with an idea like the New Gods, nobody can.

Crystal Death says:

I think the New Gods are coming into that Countdown series after 52, theres been lots of little things to make me think it. Grayven in Ion (working for Sinestro from the hints in it), on the Countdown poster/ad in one of the comics there was Big Barda and Scott Free from the New Gods there and theres a promotional badge with Darkseid’s face on it for Countdown, so I’m guessing something majors definitely going to happen with them. I’m hoping the Guardians will get involved like in the Elseworlds book Another Nail. I loved that.

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