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{August 17, 2006}   So…What’s that bring the total up to?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that the current status of the Green Lantern franchise with regards to female characters/feminism is taking a bit of an upswing!

(Spoilers for GL 12 and GL:C 3 follow)

Personally I think Dave Gibbons’s acquitted himself nicely for Jade’s ignoble death here.  Soranik playing almost as major a role in the Corps as Guy, and getting to take the badguy down herself.  Her faltering in the earlier issues gets explained as a drug NOT her weakness, a drug she’s able to detect and combat.  And hell, now she’s got a new female partner!

Not to mention how much I love that Soranik does NOT appear to be poised to be anyone’s love interest right now.  She seems to have some sort of weird, Gardnerian mentor/student thing with Guy but it really doesn’t look like they’ll be going the romantic route!  Thank goodness!  A series in which the main male lead and the main female lead aren’t being paired!

We’ve got a major event in GL that’s bringing back several of the most well known female characters in the franchise: Arisia, Boodika, Laira…

And when you consider that the majority of Lanterns are rookies low enough that Kyle Rayner counts as an old hat, that means they’ll be more than likely placed into positions of relative seniority and power.

Brik’s still roaming around somewhere too.  And given the promising answer regarding the Zamarons, Star Sapphire, and/or Carol Ferris…(not to mention the Katma thing!)…

The numbers of female Lanterns still don’t quite equal the men, but this is a good step.

 It’s a good time to be a feminist Lantern fan!


SallyP says:

I was rather glad that Guy stood back and let Soranik have the collar
of the villain. Of course, all he’s interested in is getting his darned
shore leave, but still! And I really really enjoyed Soranik’s final
twist of the knife, when Ragnar is about to be executed, and she holds
up the ring…just long enough to let him see her put it on the Princess’s
finger! Haw! Zing! I guess I’m just not a nice person.

soyoerika says:

Aw man, you beat me to it, Kali! I had a “Lantern Franchise De-Frosting” post of my own, planned, after reading GLC #3 the other day. Y’all will be glad to know I’ve finally warmed up to Soranik Natu. (Though, I gotta nitpick the comic cover, where her clothes are disintegrating.)

Still. Yay Soranik, yay Soranik’s new partner, yay resurrections, and thank you DC for reminding me why I buy comics.

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