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{August 31, 2006}   DC Owes Us Another Greatest Stories Collection

As solicited by DC Comics: “The greatest adventures of the Emerald Gladiator, collected in one volume! Thrill to the exploits of several Green Lanterns in stories from GREEN LANTERN (’40s) #1; ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #89; GREEN LANTERN (’60s-70s) #1, 9, 87, 172; SUPERMAN #257, TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #3, GREEN LANTERN (’90s) #3, 0; GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC #5; GREEN LANTERN GALLERY and GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2005.

What was in the actual trade?

Showcase (60s) #22; Green Lantern (60s,70s, 80s) #1, 31, 74, 87, 172; Green Lantern (90s) #3; Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold (1999) #2 , DC First: Green Lantern/Green Lantern (2002), and Green Lantern Secret Files and Origins 2005 — The Flight story.

I’d hardly call the Brave and Bold miniseries or the DC First special one of “The Greatest Green Lantern Stories Ever Told.”

You know what are some of the Greatest Green Lantern Stories Ever Told? Well, the Elliost S Maggin story about Tomar Re (Superman #257) that was originally solicited for one; and some of the issues from Mosaic — not just #5, but some whole storylines there; Green Lantern (Volume II) #30, the introduction of Katma Tui; and maybe, just maybe, some of the Golden Age stories (all of which were cut) that I’ve never read.

I want that Tomar Re story from Superman #257. I’ve only found it online. I only know how awesome it is by reading over a computer. You know how shitty reading comics over a computer is. I want to hold that story. I want it in my hands. I want to run my fingers over the paper. And I was all excited that it would be reprinted until I actually got the trade.

Where is it? Where’s my Tomar Re story?

Damn you, DC!!! First you make Hal crazy, then you take away Kyle’s face, then you put the wrong Lantern in JLA and now this!!!!

And this one, this one is not just my crazy fan entitlement speaking, you promised me this one.

Guess what my question is at every panel next convention.

You’ll be sick of seeing my face, Levitz.

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soyoerika says:

Yeah, Caia told me about that today, and that’s… quite a bit WTF. What is the freaking POINT of advertising a collection of stories that isn’t the collection of stories that ends up in stores? This isn’t Green Lantern Mystery Grab Bag!

*sigh* It’d be awfully nice to have a trade that’s useful for hooking new Green Lantern fans. Something accessible, with a good sampling of eras and characters, so people can pick who they like to read about, and work from there. Doesn’t look like this’ll be it, though.

Ununnilium says:

Though an actual Green Lantern Mystery Grab Bag would be fun.

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