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{September 28, 2006}   More Arisia Redesigns

I love this meme.

This one is from Phil, and this one is from Empty Book on DeviantArt.

(Don’t stop here, everyone!)


{September 26, 2006}   Wow!

SallyP just sent in her Arisia makeover. It is wonderful!

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{September 25, 2006}   First Arisia Redesigns

Wow, and I just asked yesterday. Here’s two already:

The first two, art by Sandicomm:
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And we have three from Planet Karen!

Keep ’em coming, everyone.

Newsarama has an interview with Geoff Johns about Green Lantern.

There’s some good stuff in there. Nice things to say about Guy, an indication that there’s something larger beyond the POW plotline, a look at Hal’s worldview (he seems to be going anti-Earth), more vague promises about John, and, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without something to piss me off:

As Hal’s said before, he answers with, ‘Borders are ridiculous. I’m Green Lantern and my duty is to the whole planet if I need to go somewhere, I’m going to go.’

And then, he adds: ‘Do you realize that I’ve been to hundreds of planets – hundreds, and the only one with countries is earth.’

Not to mention Earth is the only planet that has people with differing skin tones, oh, and different cultures, who wear different styles of clothing and speak different languages, and live in different climates!!

I hope Hal is just being dense, and has seen like, one patch of land and assumes the whole damned planet is like that. Because I hate that stupid One Planet, One Culture, One Race, One Language, One Fucking Climate shit that pervades the worst sci-fi.

I mean, I see, he’s trying to make a point about Earth there. That we’re all fucked up, right? But its really limiting to try and establish stuff like that. That we’re all so diverse and the rest of the universe isn’t. Because the beauty of outer space stories is when we can explore our own problems wtih parallels to the alien cultures.

“Sentient beings have more commonalities than differences,” I think that’s what J’onn said to Kyle in Recharge #1. And Mars had two clans that may as well be countries. I can’t imagine the White Tribe and the Green Tribe living under the same rule, after all.

And it’s really only lazy writing to actually hold to that. You don’t want to put too much work into a single world that’s not Earth, so you basically make a planet like you would another country. No need to spend too much time explaining how everyone differs. And they slap some explanation like “Countries are a primitive idea. When these other planets discovered space travel, they suddenly banded together in perfect harmony…” or, in the case of a hostile world “The first country to discover space travel wiped the rest out.”

I hope this is just Hal being stupid, or that Gibbons doesn’t hold to that. So far over in Green Lantern Corps, Gibbons has been pretty good about the different people we see. The cast is diverse. Not nearly as diverse as the cast of Mosaic, granted. That was the best series just because it dealt with as many different cultures as possible, and how they relate ot each other. It was just unbelievably cool to read all the wonders of that little world, you never knew what John was going to have to work with next. Shirley Temple-style psychos with psychic knives, singing plants, clergybirds, a small mining town…

I miss that. I’d like to see some real diversity in the universe again, dammit.

{September 25, 2006}   Arisia Makeover Meme!

Well, everyone should know by now that Arisia is awesome and deserving of a better costume. But does anything have an alternative to what the fashion-impaired Ivan Reis cooked up?

We discussed it over on this thread, and I already had a volunteer in my comments on my regular blog, so it looks like people have ideas.
So its time for The Arisia Makeover Meme.

Simple idea: Redesign Arisia’s costume. Comment below with a link, or email me and I’ll post it here.

Here’s her Fashion History, for reference (Click for a larger picture):

{September 22, 2006}   Arisia, Bras, and Boob Physics 101

This is going to be quick, because I’m currently drugged out on Tylenol and should be in bed.

This summer, I worked in the Intimates section at my local Macy’s. By no means was it a glamorous job, but it did make me something of a Bra and Boob Physics Expert. Granted, having boobs myself, there are some things that were just intuitive to me to begin with. I did learn about previously unknown realms, however, such as strapless bras and the like.

And, of course, I can now go “buhwhaHUH?” at comics even more.

Since Ragnell has proclaimed today Arisia (Fashion Disaster) Day, I might as well start with everyone’s favorite Lantern jailbait… or, um, she wasn’t REALLY jailbait… I mean, you know, the elfin alien who makes Hal her jailbait, being 240 and all… I mean… damn these retcons, full speed ahead!
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{September 22, 2006}   Arisia’s Fashion Nightmare

Today I’ve been introducing the Internet to a side of me that few online have seen.

Kalinara may be the one in pink, Soyo may be the one who’s small and cute, but I’m the fashion maven.

Oh, I shop very cheaply. I care nothing for designer clothing. I couldn’t give two shits about what’s “in style” at any given season. I do however, know the tricks of the trade. I know how to dress to full effect. I know how to make my breasts look a cup larger or a cup smaller without stuffing. I know how to hide the little fat deposit in my belly. I can make my legs look longer and my torso shorter, or vice versa. I can make my butt disappear, or appear twice as large. I can look taller and shorter at will. I am not a Martian, I just know what to wear.

And I know why Arisia’s new costume is a bad idea.
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{September 13, 2006}   Arisia (Spoilers)

Well, Green Lantern #13 is out, and the final word on Arisia is in…

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{September 13, 2006}   Green Lantern Corps #4

When Dave Gibbons draws him, Vath Sarn is pretty hot.

However, it seems I’m at a point where that’s not enough to make me like the art, because when I put this book down all I could think was “I wish Patrick Gleason was drawing this.”

I didn’t like Gleason’s art at first, when I started reading Recharge, but it’s grown on me. His quirky style really gets the weirdness and alienness of an outer space series across. It meshes well with Gibbons writing which, while competent and entertaining, is fairly formulaic. Gleason’s art adds a little spunk to the series.

Contrast it to Gibbons art. I don’t want you to get me wrong here, he’s a talented artist. But his art is very serious, and of a very standard style. So is his writing at some points. When his writing meets his art, it can be wonderful in a book like The Originals. In a book like Green Lantern Corps? Not so much.

Plus, and this just has to be said, Gibbons’ art is static. Gleason’s is fluid and energetic. There’s a sense of whimsy and wonder to it, a sense I really missed in GLC#4. I hope he comes back soon.

And I studied the motion in the panels. The flow of motion I was wondering about is apparently all Gleason.

{September 10, 2006}   Baltimore Panels

From the DC Nation Panel:

Didio: “There’re a lot of storylines that we created for the back half of 52 in the DCU,” Didio said, noting that some of the elements he referred to would begin in next week’s issue of Green Lantern.

“Next week” would refer to this Wednesday. We’ll see tomorrow when the final shipping list is posted.

Also, Brave and the Bold:

Q: Will Brave and Bold be all Batman team-ups?

Waid: There have been 15 heroes and 15 villains so far in the issues he’s written, giving a sample – issue #1: Batman & Green Lantern; #2: Supergirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Blue Beetle; #3: – all of those plus Adam Strange and Lobo.

I’m sure they mean Hal. I think the other characters are generally only referred to by civilian name.

From the One Year Greater Panel, why Kurt Busiek is qualified to write Green Lantern:

Didio then paused and asked the panel a question – favorite characters in the DCU and why?

Busiek: Hal Jordan – he’s the anti-Batman. Batman has everything mapped out seven ways, while Hal will jump off a cliff and figure out how not to die on his way down.

Q: Will we see John Stewart as Green Lantern again?

Perez: I got to draw him on the first page of Brave & Bold #1.

Waid: He’s also in 52 – John and Hal are partners. Geoff and I have talked about putting John back into the limelight as well.

Busiek: I have a big John Stewart story to tell, but I need to talk to Dan about finding a book to put it in.

Didio: We will talk.

And not from the convention, but a preview of Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1 is up.

et cetera