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{September 6, 2006}   Geoff Johns, Tease.

Couldn’t let this thread on Comic Bloc go by without drawing some attention to it.

First, Geoff Johns posted a penciled page for the GL#13. It’s notable that when the most recent delay was mentioned (it’s pushed back to September 13th now), he seemed to have been left out of the loop about it.

But all of that is fairly ordinary. What really interested me was his next post:

We’re working hard to get this book on track. Ivan’s redesigning Star Sapphire as we type.

Back to scripting!


And in the thread directly above it

Also, in case anyone was wondering what our arc after WANTED: HAL JORDAN is called…it’s MYSTERY OF THE STAR SAPPHIRE! More on that later.



soyoerika says:

Just as long as they redesign Star Sapphire to still be in pink. She is a force of estrogen to be feared, dammit!

SallyP says:

Oh be still my heart. Sounds like loads of fun. But I STILL want
my GL# 13 dammit!

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