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{September 6, 2006}   Toronto GL Announcements

A little late, but I had a rough week. Here’s everything Lantern-related from Newsarama’s coverage of the Toronto DC “Big Guns” Panel:

But Johns also announced he would be doing something with Ethan Van Sciver in 2007 that would be a “big Green Lantern-related project that’s going to hit around April.” Johns joked that he “stole” Van Sciver back for the project, which he said will set up the stories for the next year in the regular Green Lantern series that he writes.

“We’ve got some more candy for Green Lantern fans,” said Van Sciver, who was also on the panel. “We kind of want to do the next level of Rebirth, so that’s what we’re going to do,” Johns said.

– Each panelist was asked, “What is your favorite villain and to which villains would you like to add depth?”

Van Sciver: “Sinestro and Sinestro.”

Johns: “Yeah, Sinestro and Sinestro.”

– Johns mentioned that Van Sciver had sketched a redesign of Sinestro on the paper tablecloth at dinner the night before. “I’ve got it in my back pocket,” he said.

– One fan said he had read in a recent interview that the Guardians in Green Lantern aren’t quite as benevolent as they seem, and he wanted to know their intentions. “That’s something that Ethan and I are going to develop and explore in the project we’re doing,” Johns said.

– One fan pointed out that in 52, Alan Scott said when he returned from space that his one eye was not his own, and simultaneously, Adam Strange is missing both eyes. Johns was asked, does Alan Scott have Adam Strange’s eye? “Congratulations for asking the weirdest question ever,” Johns said to a lot of laughter from the crowd, but then answered simply, “yes.”

– The panelists asked for one last question. A fan said he heard Johns hint online that he wanted to do a Sinestro Corps one-shot, and he wondered if it would happen. Johns laughed and said, “I don’t know.” Then he looked at Van Sciver, who said, “We like Sinestro a lot.”


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