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{September 10, 2006}   Baltimore Panels

From the DC Nation Panel:

Didio: “There’re a lot of storylines that we created for the back half of 52 in the DCU,” Didio said, noting that some of the elements he referred to would begin in next week’s issue of Green Lantern.

“Next week” would refer to this Wednesday. We’ll see tomorrow when the final shipping list is posted.

Also, Brave and the Bold:

Q: Will Brave and Bold be all Batman team-ups?

Waid: There have been 15 heroes and 15 villains so far in the issues he’s written, giving a sample – issue #1: Batman & Green Lantern; #2: Supergirl, Green Lantern, Batman, Blue Beetle; #3: – all of those plus Adam Strange and Lobo.

I’m sure they mean Hal. I think the other characters are generally only referred to by civilian name.

From the One Year Greater Panel, why Kurt Busiek is qualified to write Green Lantern:

Didio then paused and asked the panel a question – favorite characters in the DCU and why?

Busiek: Hal Jordan – he’s the anti-Batman. Batman has everything mapped out seven ways, while Hal will jump off a cliff and figure out how not to die on his way down.

Q: Will we see John Stewart as Green Lantern again?

Perez: I got to draw him on the first page of Brave & Bold #1.

Waid: He’s also in 52 – John and Hal are partners. Geoff and I have talked about putting John back into the limelight as well.

Busiek: I have a big John Stewart story to tell, but I need to talk to Dan about finding a book to put it in.

Didio: We will talk.

And not from the convention, but a preview of Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1 is up.


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