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{September 13, 2006}   Arisia (Spoilers)

Well, Green Lantern #13 is out, and the final word on Arisia is in…


It’s been retconned. No longer 14 on Graxos while 28 in Earth years.

Now it’s 13 on Graxos while 240 (yes, that’s two hundred and forty) on Earth.

Does that change the Englehart story?

Arisia’s Backstory (Click on the link, the image is too large to show on the blog)

Look at the first panel, when Hal first met Arisia. That’s not a pre-pubescent woman. That’s an adult woman.

It looks like they’ve retconned out the “growing up” storyline for an “Arisia was an adult the whole time” deal. Wording seems to support that the only change was Hal’s perception.

So, that made me happy, though I was annoyed we didn’t see her and Guy meet up. The end implied to me she’d be headed for Green Lantern Corps and I hope so. Gibbons has a good handle on Guy, so bet we’d get to see that scene under his pen.

What’d everyone else think?


I thought the reunion with Hal was kinda sweet and – for once – thought a retcon actually IMPROVED something

Jack Zodiac says:

I’ve got no problems with it. Arisia was always one of his more interesting relationships, and she was an awesome Green Lantern, so anything it takes to bring her back is fine with me. Also, anyone notice that she brought up his hair (and its lack of gray)? Johns, you effin’ nerd.

SallyP says:

I enjoyed this episode, and yet…I really really wanted to see Arisia
interact with Guy somehow. I assume that he found out that she was
actually alive on the trip back to Oa, but I would have loved to have
seen it. It was in his book afterall, that she was killed, and he
does love her,albeit as a little sister. I hope that they touch on
Guy’s relationships to the rescued Lanterns in GLC, especially Arisia.

SallyP says:

Oops, wasn’t done. I know that this is Hal’s book and all, but
is anybody else bothered that Guy gets punished by having to watch
Superboy Prime for a whole month, while Hal (whose idea this was
in the first place) gets off scot free, and with the girl, and
goes home smelling like a rose? I love Hal, I really do, but somehow
that just doesn’t seem quite fair!

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