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{September 13, 2006}   Green Lantern Corps #4

When Dave Gibbons draws him, Vath Sarn is pretty hot.

However, it seems I’m at a point where that’s not enough to make me like the art, because when I put this book down all I could think was “I wish Patrick Gleason was drawing this.”

I didn’t like Gleason’s art at first, when I started reading Recharge, but it’s grown on me. His quirky style really gets the weirdness and alienness of an outer space series across. It meshes well with Gibbons writing which, while competent and entertaining, is fairly formulaic. Gleason’s art adds a little spunk to the series.

Contrast it to Gibbons art. I don’t want you to get me wrong here, he’s a talented artist. But his art is very serious, and of a very standard style. So is his writing at some points. When his writing meets his art, it can be wonderful in a book like The Originals. In a book like Green Lantern Corps? Not so much.

Plus, and this just has to be said, Gibbons’ art is static. Gleason’s is fluid and energetic. There’s a sense of whimsy and wonder to it, a sense I really missed in GLC#4. I hope he comes back soon.

And I studied the motion in the panels. The flow of motion I was wondering about is apparently all Gleason.


SallyP says:

I was rather surprised when I opened GLC at the new art,although I enjoyed it. Quite a difference in style. I like Gleason’s art, but occasionally it gets a bit dark. He can sure make you feel like you are on an alien planet though.

SallyP says:

There is a rather nice interview with Patrick Gleason over on the
Pulse. He REALLY enjoys drawing GLC, and is coming back to it after
this small arc with Dave Gibbons doing the art for Guy’s shoreleave.

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