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{September 25, 2006}   Arisia Makeover Meme!

Well, everyone should know by now that Arisia is awesome and deserving of a better costume. But does anything have an alternative to what the fashion-impaired Ivan Reis cooked up?

We discussed it over on this thread, and I already had a volunteer in my comments on my regular blog, so it looks like people have ideas.
So its time for The Arisia Makeover Meme.

Simple idea: Redesign Arisia’s costume. Comment below with a link, or email me and I’ll post it here.

Here’s her Fashion History, for reference (Click for a larger picture):


Sandicomm says:

Get excited. I’d scan it now but some frosh have taken over the computers with the scanners. Drat them. 😛

SallyP says:

Gah! My kingdom for a scanner that is working properly! I need a
teenager and I need one now!

[…] Wow, and I just asked yesterday. Here’s two already: […]

[…] While, our own Ragnell’s challenging everyone to give Arisia a new costume. […]

Noooo! I spent weeks working on my Arisia costume! I wore it to Arisia and nobody even recognized the character. (I copied the classic costume from the Englehart/Staton issues.) I *like* the classic Arisia costume, and even more to the point, I’m committed to it!

I haven’t been buying the new Green Lantern series regularly. I just googled and the new Arisia costume is super awful. Didn’t she die in an issue of Guy Gardner Warrior?

Ragnell says:

Charlie — Johns brought her back (in that hideous getup). Alien anatomy, misdiagnosed death.

[…] SallyP just sent in her Arisia makeover. It is wonderful! […]

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