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{September 25, 2006}   First Arisia Redesigns

Wow, and I just asked yesterday. Here’s two already:

The first two, art by Sandicomm:
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And we have three from Planet Karen!

Keep ’em coming, everyone.


Brenda says:

Hello people,

There’s someone promoting a stupid blog: don’t visit it – it’s definitely not worth it.



To explain my designs a little – I like Arisia’s white costume, so my first idea was to revamp it slightly to make it less fussy and more practical. The collar becomes the top of a halter-neck and the belt actually meets in the middle. The long fingerless gloves are just because I like long fingerless gloves. Then it occurred to me that if anyone could pull off the magical schoolgirl look it would be Arisia.

The last one was a GL costume design I’d thought of a while ago, taking it down to the most minimal possible by making it consist of nothing but the lantern logo. Drawing it in the style of Rob Liefeld just seemed obvious, although on further consideration it occurs to me that it’s not as impractical as it appears if you assume that it is composed entirely of green sticky tape.

Sandicomm says:

Yaay, my drawings are up! 🙂

I will also explain my designs:

With these pictures, I tried to design a costume based on personality (or at least what I’ve read about her on Zamaron) instead of practicality, although these costumes are very functional. In the first picture, the border on the gloves and bodice are lime green, and in the second picture they are black. Otherwise the color scheme is the same as the current costume. I also wanted the second costume to echo the GLC uniform.

I tried to give each drawing the same face and body type, so I could show how important hair is. Even though Arisia’s hair is up in the second drawing, I wanted to show that in both pictures, there is a dainty young woman (or old woman, as the case may be) who can look childish at times, but no one would ever think that she couldn’t be responsible or a good warrior. She is petite but square-shouldered and confident.

Karen–GMTA. Our designs are very similar. I was looking for a Sailor Moon-ish look for the first costume, and our “business-as-usual” costumes are also similar (though I like yours more).

P.S. Ragnell, I know that my name is on the pictures for all the world to see, but I would appreciate it if you could change the name listed in the main entry to Sandicomm. Thank you!

Damn! Sexy as hell, even more so because all of them seem like something a real woman could wear.

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