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{September 26, 2006}   Wow!

SallyP just sent in her Arisia makeover. It is wonderful!

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Mithel says:

I’ll second that. Wow. Fantastic costume, practical, but at the same time very superhero. That is one thing that worried me about this meme. Anything can be made more practical, but look at what they did for Communism. Grey jumpsuits. Hurrah. But this, this is good.

Sandicomm says:

I like it! It’s graceful and feminine, but still very superheroic.

Very graceful, very feminine, and VERY MUCH A GL UNIFORM AGAIN. I like the way the white part echos the cut current standard-issue tunic-without-trunks. I like the emphasis on the GL logo-as-golden-amulet (it’s yellow! Irony!).

Most of all, I like the way that it captures all the essential design elements of Arisia’s Joe Staton costume — while looking like something a GROWN-UP would wear.

Man, why did they never give Jade an outfit this stylin’?

SallyP says:

You’re all making me blush.

Well, I’m gonna make you blush more– this is my favorite so far.

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