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{October 19, 2006}   Jade’s Death

Alex in Wonderland has a literal interpretation of Jade’s death:

I wonder if it is possible to apply that conundrum to other misogynistic occurrences in comic books? Is Jade’s death, and subsequent empowering of Kyle a literal image of how the public pain of a female lantern is sublimated by killing her, and then returning the power to the male character?

I’m still digesting the thought, but that paragraph notes that this is a surface symbolism of the fridge phenomenon.

We all know the basics, Jade suffers, and the story is not about her. It doesn’t make her worth reading. (I’ve yet to see the story that makes her worth reading.) It serves to make Alan and Kyle more interesting characters through their grief.

I know her powers went to Kyle, but her body disappeared when Alan was holding her. She was dissolved into both of their characters. In-story and metatextually. I know I’m not the only one who was angry with the literal enacting of the this. She powers his personality, his plot, his actual literal powers.

It’s just, instead of the regular ranting, this is someone pointing directly out that Jade is more representative of the WiR complaint that Alex ever was. That’s a thought that hits like a two-by-four.

I’m not up to organizing these thoughts this early in the morning (it’s very late as my day goes). I just wanted to share this one.


wunpawng Amyu a matu,wunpawng mungdan a matu nga nna kade wa mi marawn rawn,makan kan ,kade hkrik hkang ai uhpung wuhpawng ,kade chye chyang kung hpan Click

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