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{August 13, 2006}   Scans of JLA: Another Nail

The Spandex Fetish Expert has posted some scans of Barda and Scott as a Green Lantern (seriously, she’s the Lantern and he’s like a sentient ring AI) in her livejournal. They might be of interest to the sort of fans who are interested in this blog.

Makes me cross my fingers that Raker will get assigned a partner in the Fourth World…

(Oh, and of little relation to the previous link but still of interest to GL Fans — The Tom’s Casebook Meme courtesy Mike Sterling)


A story of Freedom…

Evil’s Might is an Elseworld story set in old New York. It’s about Kyle Rayner, a gangmember by day, political cartoonist by night who ends up discovering something special about a dusty old Lantern and becoming a hero.

However, as much as Kyle might be the titular hero, Evil’s might isn’t really his story. The true story centers around another.

Her name is Carol Ferris.

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I didn’t answer Ragnell’s survey. The truth is, I’m not sure what some of my answers will be. I did find the results interesting.

Particularly the predominant emphasis on having an Earth-born female Green Lantern.

Why, I wondered, is this particularly necessary? There’s never been a female Flash for example. Some female speedsters but not a female Flash. And yet Flash manages to avoid the same accusations.

The thing is, there are a lot more notable female characters in the Green Lantern franchise than there are in almost any other superhero set. Batman has Batgirl (Oracle’s since moved to the Birds of Prey), Superman’s got Supergirl…Wonder Woman’s got a lot, but hell, she’s Wonder Woman.

But we…we get Carol Ferris, who, regardless of any other character assassination over the years, was a strong woman capable of matching Hal Jordan.

We have Brik, Boodika, Laira, Arisia, Katma Tui…women that were as important to the Corps during their times as Kilowog, Salakk, Kreon or Mogo.

We have characters like Harlequinn or Jade who might not appeal to everyone but still have many people who love them.

Yes, bad things happen. Yes, they’re disproportionately tied to women, but that’s not a solely Green Lantern thing but rather one tied to nearly any Superhero comic franchise. Is it right? No. But stop trying to make one group a scapegoat. The problem’s in the industry as a whole, and that’s what we should be targetting. Not just one book.

As for Earth-born Lanterns…well, fine, Jade’s gone. But have you considered:

The Lantern descendent of Kyle Rayner in the Legion of Superheroes (Post-Zero Hour) crossover is a young woman.

During Circle of Fire, three of the six “alternate Lanterns” were characterized as women, regardless of their ultimate origin.

A funny pseudo-Western/post-apocalyptic story in a Warrior annual had three female descendents of Guy Gardner fighting an evil female descendent of Hal Jordan. All of whom had rings.

Heck, if you count the Justice League issues, Ice once found herself using Guy’s ring, managing to use it in a way no one thought possible.

As a matter of fact, if you look at a lot of Green Lantern Elseworlds, you have a number of female, Earth-born Lanterns. Off the top of my head:

1001 Nights- Scharazade is a female Lantern that uses her ring to illustrate her stories.

Evil’s Might- Kyle Rayner is the main character of this Gangs of New York-style AU, but in the end, the one bearing the ring is suffragette Carol Ferris.

Heck, the Tangent Lantern was female too. Notable because her Lantern just washed up in the DCU proper.

Simply though, the Earth Lantern base is crowded. What with Hal, John, Guy and Kyle, there really isn’t room for another Earth-based girl Lantern out there. Not really.

Not without clearing the path, and I love the characters too much to want to go that direction.

But there’s a wide universe out there. And nothing says that the Earthman must always be the main character. Katma used to show up Hal with some frequency. Soranik is as much the star of Green Lantern Corps right now as Guy Gardner (and if you honestly think she’s dead right now, I’ve swampland in Florida to unload).

I genuinely believe, that when it comes to sheer possibility and potential, the Green Lantern concept is the greatest in the world. I think that the Green Lantern franchise gave birth to some of the greatest female characters in DC comics history, and to ignore that merely because they’re not from Earth is a crying shame.

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