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{September 25, 2006}   Arisia Makeover Meme!

Well, everyone should know by now that Arisia is awesome and deserving of a better costume. But does anything have an alternative to what the fashion-impaired Ivan Reis cooked up?

We discussed it over on this thread, and I already had a volunteer in my comments on my regular blog, so it looks like people have ideas.
So its time for The Arisia Makeover Meme.

Simple idea: Redesign Arisia’s costume. Comment below with a link, or email me and I’ll post it here.

Here’s her Fashion History, for reference (Click for a larger picture):


{September 22, 2006}   Arisia, Bras, and Boob Physics 101

This is going to be quick, because I’m currently drugged out on Tylenol and should be in bed.

This summer, I worked in the Intimates section at my local Macy’s. By no means was it a glamorous job, but it did make me something of a Bra and Boob Physics Expert. Granted, having boobs myself, there are some things that were just intuitive to me to begin with. I did learn about previously unknown realms, however, such as strapless bras and the like.

And, of course, I can now go “buhwhaHUH?” at comics even more.

Since Ragnell has proclaimed today Arisia (Fashion Disaster) Day, I might as well start with everyone’s favorite Lantern jailbait… or, um, she wasn’t REALLY jailbait… I mean, you know, the elfin alien who makes Hal her jailbait, being 240 and all… I mean… damn these retcons, full speed ahead!
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{August 13, 2006}   Social Occasion by Diane Duane

Back in January, when the Green Lantern drawing meme was running around, Diane Duane posted a script for an Arisia story she wrote a little after Arisia first appeared. It came up again during Lamashtar’s searches, and I finally got to read it.

I was hooked on the second page, by the background dialogue.

GL 1: I love your new skin color! Where did you get it?

GL 2: — so I follow the distress call,, and what do I find but
this planet entirely inhabited by little balls of fur —

GL 3: Personally, he’s not my type. I mean, he only has two

It gets better, the second and third pages are a party scene peppered with a bunch of Lanterns talking.

KATMA TUI (in b.g., to another GL standing beside her): So did
you ever find that planet you lost?

I love weirdness. That’s what really makes the Green Lantern Corps concept. That’s why I like the Silver Age better than the Golden Age. The Weirdness.

The rest of the story is Arisia interacting with another Lantern named Cario, who’s a sentient mathematical construct. This is essential to the plot. So, what we have here is a story that not only has the wonderfully imaginative throwaway concepts and jokes that enhance a space story, but it’s a true science fiction story. The plot is based on a particularly weird scientific principle. The emotional tale told would work in different circumstances, yes, but the weirdness is what makes the plot here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love retcons and continuity stories. It’s fun to see Hal have to go back and deal with all his built-up Karma (it doesn’t hurt that we got a Giant Yellow Space-grasshopper with mind control abilities when he first started, but things have normalized a bit). And I’m really enjoying both the CSI-style GLC and the mystery in Ion, but it always comes back to this wish for me. It’s why I like Alan Moore’s GL stories, it’s why I like Grant Morrison’s JLA, it’s why I adored Mosaic. I want to see these characters deal with the abnormal. I want to leave Earth for a story. I want them up to their hairlines in strangeness. I want new, wild, crazy ideas! I want Wall To Wall Weird!

After all, it’s comic books. If we don’t get to play with unreality, what’s the point?

Anyway, it’s a fun story. Check it out.

{July 27, 2006}   Ode to Green Lantern’s Butt

(Adapted by the Zamaron Contributors — with help from a certain columnist)


In tightest pants, as green as grass,
Small in size or large in mass,
Let those who would dare make a pass.
Beware the Power of the Perfect Ass.

et cetera