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It seemed appropriate after Soyo’s essay below that I finally get off my ass and type this now.When I was younger, I used to be a big anime fan, and my friends and I would joke how whenever there was a team of four main male characters, they could always be classified thusly: The brooding one. The Playboy. The Kid. The Woman.

It was pretty infailable. No matter the series, it’d work out this way:

The brooding one was always intelligent and serious, the playboy was always charming and a hit with the ladies, but rarely if ever tied down. The kid was the young, cute, inexperienced one of the group. And then there was the character that tended to be kind, emotional, nurturing, forgiving…basically, he was characterized as a woman.

The connection to the Green Lanterns becomes obvious. John, Hal, Kyle…and finally Guy.

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{August 30, 2006}   A Warped Feminist Statement

Lately, there’s been a rise in both comics feminism and in the popularity of Guy Gardner. Or, perhaps, a rise in the visibility of both. They’ve probably been there all along, and this is the first time people are taking note.

So, I ask myself. Are the two connected?

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