Zamaron — A Green Lantern Femme-Site

On Zamaron, there’s a bar, much like Warrior’s. It even has a Lantern Lounge, decorated in Green with Lantern statues, though possibly a few you’ve never seen before. The Lounge is green, with green booths and tables with the GL Logo. One wall is paneled with mirrors, it goes behind a bar and has a few booths at it. The bar has both a selection of fine liquers, beer, wine, and ice cream. There’s a small space for making sundaes, and an old-fashioned soda fountain at the end. Beside it lies a pile of Green Lantern back issues, the top one open next to an open copy of The Second Sex (the margins are filled with different color pencil writing).

The far right wall has a row of dartboards. Each dartboard has a picture of comic book writers on them. Some have darts sticking out of them, most of them have holes in them from where darts hit, but almost all of them also have little hearts drawn on the photos, and notes written there.

Tending bar is Kalinara, a green-skinned, pink-clad alien. She has no hair, but keeps thick pink ribbons tied around her antennae. She’s cleaning a glass, and eyeing the butterscotch ice cream.

Ragnell the Foul stares in the mirrored wall, trying to polish her stately pair of antlers. It’s difficult, when her snaky hair keeps biting her hand and won’t stay properly braided.

Soyoerika, dressed in a Star Sapphire outfit is lying on a green couch, tossing darts at the Dart Board as she reads a dog-eared copy of New Frontier.

Lamashtar, the Archivist, is sitting in a corner booth, surrounded by books and filled out notebooks. She’s scribbling on a spiral notebook.

This room is by no means full, there’s plenty of seats. Anyone else wishing to contribute at this point can email me to request a login. But you need to be an enthusiast, not just a ranter. Ranting and venting is fine, and I’ll probably add a category for it. But, we like Green Lantern here. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand and ignore sexism when it happens, but I don’t want to toss out the incredible concept for some misogynistic missteps. It’s not about having a beef, its about enjoying what we have and examining it for improvement without dealing with the dismissive shouting of both those fans who see examination as a threat to the franchise, and those fans who would throw the entire franchise out, avoiding it because they can’t see the existing wonder beyond the fridge.


SallyP says:

Gosh, I’m just so glad that you all decided to come up with this site.
Sometimes it’s a bit hard to be a female Green Lantern lover, and over
on the Green Lantern message board thingie, it somethimes gets a little…weird. So may I pull up a stool and get a Cape Codder? (Vodka
and Cranberry juice…delicious!) I wanna read Guy Gardner: REborn!

Ragnell says:

Sally — Sure, pull up a chair!

DCM says:

Since the inception of the Green Lantern Corps 3 billion years ago millions of Green Lanterns have died in the line of duty and replacements need to be recuirted quite often.

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