Zamaron — A Green Lantern Femme-Site

Some links to educate you on female Green Lanterns

Katma Tui
The Unofficial Katma Tui Biography
Katma’s Wikipedia Entry

Arisia Wikipedia Entry
The Unofficial Arisia Biography
The Unexpectedly Awesome Women of Warrior

Donna Parker
The Unofficial Donna Parker Biography

The Unofficial KT21 Biography
The 2006 Mama-Thon Kick-off Post

Doomed Before the First Issue Shipped
Reactions and Reflections
An Exercise in Egotism 2: What to do with Jade
An Exercise in Egotism 2.1: Continuing Ideas for Jade


GLC says:

I think there should be teenage Green Lanterns I think that they have what it takes to succeed in the Green Lantern Corps.

McGuffin says:

I don’t think they do. Teens may have the ideals, but they’re generally wishy-washy, unable to focus on a lot of stuff, they whine a lot when things are uncomfortable, they have problems committing, they’re emotionally fragile, they care more for personal comfort than they do for what’s best for everyone, and they generally have no idea of what the world is, regardless of how much they think they do. As such, I don’t think anything so potent as the power of the Green Lantern would do well in the hands of a teenager. A realistic teenager, I mean, not a comic book teenager.

Unknown says:

You’re forgetting Boodika, Laira, and Soranik Natu. Probably a few others too Laira may be dead and she died a Red Lantern but she was still a Green Lantern at one point.

mclovely says:

This is fantastic, I am a huge Green Lantern Fan, mainly Hal Jordan , but I was thrilled to find this kind of information on the female Green Lanterns!
Thank you!

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